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Your Realtime Assessment

Monitor your ward's school performance

Records and Profiles Management

Check the academic performance of your child on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis, as well as compare the scores of your child with that of the class average.

Compare Performance

Compare your child's performance against each term or against each sessionto know if there is improvement.

Monitor From Anywhere

Access reports from your mobile phone

Desktop / Mobile / SMS

Kiddieswatch portal enables parents to check the progress of their child from anywhere in the world with just a click from a WAP enabled device, Parents will also receive regular notifications on their child's school activities by mails and short message services (sms)


Parents will also receive regular notification on their child's activities and school activities as well in the form of short message service. (SMS)

Be More Involved

Access reports from your mobile phone

It is developed and built to accommodate the very busy schedule of parents. It aids easy exchange of information to positively improve the child's performance

Help build and develop your child's interest in the right direction. It helps parents to direct the effort of extra moral classes in the specific area of need. You can easily identify the weak subjects and give necessary assistance as at when due.

Get to Know

Monitor your child's progress everyday

Parents are in the know of events happening in the school. They get regular information on the child's activities and can send feedback to the school.

Also get updates on upcoming events, activities and reminder.

Pupil Assessment & Reporting Software


Assessment and reporting software that enhance frequent interaction and communication.

Communicate Better

It helps to bridge the communication gap that exists between the school and parents but focused on the child.

Learn More

The portal affords parents and the school to have better understanding of the child and also work together as a team to ensure that the best is achieved for the Child.

Interact Better

With regular interaction, both parents and the school can complement each other.



A child's upbringing is one important duty that needs an efficient and effective collaboration between the schools and parents. Every parent out there will agree with us that we are living in a changing world.

A world filled with far too many worries of global economy, the rising energy bills, credit crunch and not to mention lifestyle issues. Meeting up with these modern day challenges has resulted in both parent working for the upkeep of the family leaving little room for monitoring the academic progress of their children at school.

What people are saying about kiddieswatch

Kiddieswatch has created a strong link, connecting the school and the home to bring the best from the child

Beehive Nursery & Primary School

This is a 21st Century Software! An excellent way of communicating the pupils progress, general information and lots more to parents and getting instant feedback anytime. Every school should have it.

Amville School

Kiddieswatch is very good, infact the parents are waiting and I know the school will gain a lot from it.

Cheks International School